Also a former head of policy to Alyn Smith, McLeod, who is originally from East Kilbride, will now count her former boss as a colleague.

She is also the second SNP woman ever to be elected to the European Parliament. Her success comes 20 years after the first – Winnie Ewing, who earned the nickname Madame Ecosse – left Brussels.

With a focus on the environment and the economy, McLeod – who believes those in rural communities have “realised the damage Brexit will do to the rural economy – says her election is testament to the hard work of her entire party, which she says “offered a clear message of hope and ambition”.

“We sent a very clear message to Brussels,” she says. “We see ourselves as a European nation, we see our future in the European Union. We are the only place in the UK where the Brexit Party lost the election.

“Labour and the Tories were hopelessly divided and have failed to stand up for Scotland’s interests.

“The result is a clear rejection of Ruth Davidson’s anti-independence message. She has presided over one of the worst results in her party’s history. Labour have continued their downward spiral with less than 10% of the vote.

“We want to make sure European legislation works for Scotland. there are big decisions facing the EU around the environment and the budget.”