Aileen urges Europe to "leave a light on for Scotland" in final speech

The European Parliament has today (Wednesday) given its consent to the Withdrawal Agreement, on the same day as SNP MEPs Aileen McLeod, Christian Allard, and Heather Anderson launched the European Friends of Scotland cross-party group.

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"Friends of Scotland" group launched in Brussels

SNP MEPs Aileen McLeod, Christian Allard, and Heather Anderson, as well as Scottish Lib Dem MEP Sheila Ritchie, today met for the establishment of the European Friends of Scotland, a cross-party, cross-country friendship group that will strengthen and maintain Scotland’s relationship with our European friends and neighbours.

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SNP reject Withdrawal Agreement in European Parliament Committee

Today Aileen McLeod MEP for Scotland voted against the EU-UK withdrawal agreement in the Constitutional Affairs Committee of the European Parliament.

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The SNP welcome the European Green Deal

SNP MEP Aileen McLeod and Member of the European Parliament’s Environment Committee has today welcomed the publication of the European Commission’s plans for a “European Green Deal”. This was presented by the new Commission President Ursula von der Leyen in an extraordinary session of the European Parliament. 

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Aileen McLeod votes to protect Scotland’s Bees

SNP MEP Aileen McLeod, Member of the European Parliament's Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety welcomed a call from the Committee to reduce the use of pesticides, allocate more funds for research and better monitoring of bee populations.

The Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee approved a resolution this week highlighting weaknesses in the EU Pollinators Initiative. It emphasised the changes needed to address the main causes of pollinators’ decline in Europe.

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European Parliament declares climate emergency

The European Parliament today voted to declare a climate and environmental emergency in Europe.

There were calls for the EU to take the necessary action in cutting greenhouse gasses in order to achieve climate neutrality.

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Exchange of views with Joyce Msuya

The Outcome of the UN Climate Action Summit: AFET Committee meeting from 01/10/2019

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SNP MEPs urge trade war de-escalation

SNP MEPs Alyn Smith and Aileen McLeod have written to EU Trade Commissioner-Designate Phil Hogan to urge him to settle the US/EU trade dispute. 

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Scotland leads by example on climate crisis

This summer we've seen fires destroying large swathes of the Amazon rainforest and extreme weather events across Europe; lives lost and entire communities destroyed, often in the poorest and most vulnerable countries. The science leaves no room for doubt: these events represent the realities of climate change - the single most urgent challenge the world faces. 

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First published in The National (print edition), 21 September 2019

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Aileen to urge bold action at UN Climate Summit

SNP MEP Aileen McLeod will outline Scotland's ambitious proposals to tackle the global climate emergency when she attends the UN Climate Action Summit 2019 in New York next week. 

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